User groups

User groups allow you to mention multiple users at once. When you mention a user group, everyone in the group is notified as if they were individually mentioned.

Note that user groups are not the same as group private messages. If you're trying to send a message to a group of people, you'll want to either create a stream, or send a group private message.

Create a user group

  1. Go to User groups.

  2. Under Add a new user group, enter a Name and Description.

  3. Click Save.

  4. Find the group in the list below, and add members. Zulip will notify everyone who is added.

Modify a user group

  1. Go to User groups.

  2. Find the group.

  3. Click on the group name or description to edit.

  4. Add or remove users (including yourself). Click outside the box to save. Zulip will notify everyone who is added or removed.

Note: If you remove yourself from a user group, you may no longer have permission to modify the user group.

Configure who can create and manage user groups

This feature is only available to organization owners and administrators.

By default, all members in a Zulip organization can create user groups and manage user groups that they are a member of. However, you can restrict that ability to specific roles.

Note that administrators and moderators can modify any user group, while other organization members can only modify user groups to which they belong. Guests cannot modify or create user groups.

  1. Go to Organization permissions.

  2. Under Other permissions, configure Who can create and manage user groups.

  3. Click Save changes.